kia-brisa.jpgKia's first adventure into car manufacturing was the Brisa in the mid 1970's. More Kia History.


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A little Kia History

Kia was started in December 1944 as Hyungsung Precision Industry, a manufacturer of steel tubing and bicycle parts. In March 1952 the factory built Korea’s first domestic bicycle, the Samcholli-ho, and changed names to the Kia Industrial Company. The “Kia” name derives from two Chinese characters “ki” meaning “rising up” and “a” meaning Asia. Kia can therefore be roughly translated as “Rising out of the East” or “Rising out of Asia.”

A decade later the Korean motor vehicle industry was born when Kia created the C-100 motorcycle. Three months later, Kia was building three wheeled trucks known as the K360. Production of three wheel trucks continued until 1973, by which time the company had sold 25,000 of the vehicles. Motorcycle production ended in 1981.

In the early 1970s Kia began moving into automobile production and by 1973, Kia had built a facility designed for that. Its Sohari plant held the distinction of being Korea's first fully integrated automobile production facility, and went on to spawn Korea's first internal-combustion gasoline engine. A year later, Kia unveiled the Brisa, Korea's first passenger car.

By 1979 Kia's technology was being used to manufacture vehicles like the Peugeot 604 and the Fiat 132 sedans. In 1986 under an equity partnership with Ford Motor Company, Kia began producing the Pride or Festiva small car and later the Ford Aspire.

In 1992 Kia established its U.S. subsidiary, Kia Motors America. In 1994 Kia officially entered the U.S. market to sell its Sephia model at a network of dealerships that were initially only on the West Coast.

Hyundai acquired Kia in a merger in 1998 because of financial difficulties in the late '90s. Since then, Kia has introduced several new models and has been on an upswing since its purchase by Hyundai, with improvements in build quality and overall refinement. Reliability had previously been a weak point, but improvements in that area and the initiation of a substantial warranty program in 2001 have bolstered the company's reputation with consumers.

Kia 360 truckKia began automobile production with a 3-wheeled truck in the mid 1960's.