Car Service and Repair Costs

Is that car service or repair quote comparison apples to apples?

Shopping for car repair or service work is completely different from shopping for a manufactured item such as a washing machine or a stereo system. You can get a model number and call many different stores to find the best price for that model. Many stores may have the exact same model, the only difference is price, service, return policies and location.

When pricing out a service or repair for your car, say a 60,000 mile service for a Toyota Camry, there are a lot more variables.

Price, service and warranty are important, but there are also other considerations.

*Does the repair work or service include all of the same things?

*What kind of parts will be used?

A big difficulty in shopping for a service is that everyone may have a different idea of what that service includes.
Also, some places may put general services on a low trained, minimum wage employee while the next uses an experienced technician who knows what to watch for.

Your owner's manual will have a list of the maintenance items that are required to maintain the warranty and help keep the vehicle trouble free. But is that what you are being quoted for when you call for an estimate? Maybe, maybe not. Some places will include more services, some less.

Every estimate you get could be quoting a different set of maintenance items, even though you are requesting the same packaged service on the same car.

Always ask for a breakdown on the service and what kind of parts are being used. Are the fluids the factory recommended quality?

A $100 set of brake pads are certainly going to give better service than a $20 set.

At Wayne's Garage we explain what services are recommended and what we are performing.
We give an upfront estimate and keep you informed along the way of any other services necessary.
We use quality parts we can depend on and have a 24 month/36,000 mile warranty on repairs.


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