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Steam-powered "Wogglebug" - Recent Trivia Question


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Q: Actors John Schneider and Tom Wopat drove a car in a seven year TV series. What was the car’s name?



Studebaker President

1928 Studebaker President - Recent Trivia Question


Recent Questions:

Q: What kind of automobile was the “Wogglebug” and what was it famous for?

A: It was the last steam-powered vehicle to claim a new land speed record. American driver Fred Marriott set a new land speed record of 127.659 miles per hour in his steam-powered "Wogglebug" at Ormond Beach, Florida, January 26, 1906.


Q: Why were Spare tires once outlawed in new cars?

A: Widespread shortages caused by World War II had led to many quotas and laws designed to conserve America's resources. In 1941 the US prohibited spare tires on new cars. Rubber, produced overseas, had become almost impossible to get. A similar ban was also implemented by the U.S. during the Korean War in 1951.


Q: What American vehicle made winter driving safer by coming out with the first factory installed windshield defroster?

A: The 1928 Studebaker.


Q: Henry Ford had a successful job and career before he quit to design and build automobiles. What company did he quit from?

A: Henry Ford was chief engineer for the Edison Illumination Company. He could have had a successful career in the electric power industry but left it in 1899 to try a risky new business of designing gasoline-powered automobiles.


Q: What was the first model of car to be manufactured entirely in Australia?

A: 1948 Holden FX


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