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Eddie Rickenbacher

Eddie Rickenbacker of Rickenbacker Motors - Recent Trivia Question


Question for this week: (New question on Wednesdays- answer on Friday)

Q: An early race car driver became a WW1 fighter Ace and then later formed his own car company. What was the name of that car company?

A: Rickenbacker Motors, Eddie Rickenbacker was the fighter Ace.


Willys Jeep

Willys Jeep - Recent Trivia Question


Recent Questions:

Q: What does a Buick have in common with a bathtub?

A: David Dumbar Buick was a Detroit plumber and inventor. Among other things he invented the process of permanently coating cast iron with vitreous enamel which allowed the production of "white" baths at lower cost. The method is still in use for enameling bathtubs. In 1903 he formed the Buick Motor Company which was later bought by General Motors.


Q: At one time automobiles were not allowed into Yosemite National Park, most park visitors traveled by train to the park and then took scheduled stagecoach tours. What year did it become legal to drive an automobile into the Park?

A: Automobiles were legally allowed to enter Yosemite National Park, California, for the first time in 1913.


Q: What was the Make and Model of the world’s first production diesel passenger car?

A: Mercedes-Benz debuted the world‘s first diesel passenger car – the 260D in 1936.


Q: In 1914, two brothers famous in the auto parts industry founded a car company, and began work on their first automobiles. Their vehicles were known for their quality and sturdiness, and by 1919 they were among the richest men in America. Unfortunately in 1920 both brothers died in the flu epidemic. Who were they and what was the company?

A: John F. and Horace E. Dodge - Dodge Brothers Motor Car Company.


Q: The American Bantam Car Company was one of many small car companies that struggled during the depression and later went out of business. What famous vehicle owes its existence to this company, although wasn’t built by them?

A: The Willys Overland WW2 jeep. The Bantam car company had the best design for the Army’s jeep but could not meet the Army’s production demands of 75 vehicles per day. The Army gave Ford and Willys the Bantam’s blueprints and they produced the vehicles the Army required. Ford and Willys fulfilled the Army’s contracts for 600,000 Jeeps for World War II.


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