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Willy's Jeep - Recent Trivia Question


Question for this week: (New question every Wednesday)

Q: What early 20th century bank robber wrote a testimonial letter to Henry Ford, complimenting him on making such great “getaway cars?”

A: Clyde Barrow of Bonnie and Clyde.


Fairlady Z

Fairlady Z/240Z - Recent Trivia Question


Recent Questions:

Q: The names Peep, Leapin’ Leana, Blitz Buggy and Puddle Jumper were given to what vehicle before it received the name we know it as now?

A: The Willys Jeep.


Q: What car company in 1965 promoted a “Twin-Stick Floor Shift with Instant Overtake”?

A: Rambler. It referred to a transmission with 5 forward speeds.


Q: What tire company developed the “Tiger Paws” mascot in 1961?

A: Uniroyal.


Q: When Nissan/Datsun introduced their popular sports car in 1970 it was called the Datsun 240Z in the US. What was it known as in Japan?

A: Fairlady Z. It was named that after the president of Datsun Motors attended the Broadway Musical "My Fair Lady" while visiting the US in 1958.


Q: In 1926 at a Massachusetts Public Works Commission hearing it was argued that automobiles be banned from having a new automotive accessory that had been introduced 4 years earlier. What automotive accessory was Massachusetts attempting to ban from use in the automobile?

A: The Radio.
The Massachusetts Public Works Commission argued that radios would:
1. Distract the driver and cause accidents.
2. Tuning the radio would take attention from the driver.
3. Using it would lull the driver to sleep.
4. Drivers of other vehicles would be distracted by the noise.


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