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Hyundai PonyHyundai's Italian designed, Japanese powered, and British engineered 1974 Pony. Some Hyundai History.

Wayne's Garage serving Eugene and Springfield, Oregon has been performing Hyundai repair and service since the 1990's. We have experienced technicians to properly service and repair your Hyundai.

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A little Hyundai History

Hyundai Motor Company was founded by Ju-Yung Chung and younger brother Se-Yung Chung in December 1967. Hyundai entered into a contract with Ford in 1968 to assemble the Ford Cortina and Granada for the South Korean market and continued to produce them until 1976.
Those eight years provided Hyundai with training and assembly knowledge to continue on their own.

The first car to be built and designed by Hyundai, which was also the first for Korea was the compact Pony (although the car was based on Japanese, Italian and British technogy). The vehicle made its debut in 1974, and the following year, Hyundai began exporting it to overseas markets.

Hyundai entered the U.S. market in 1986 with its subcompact Excel, still using Mitsubishi technology. The car was an immediate hit, with affordability being a primary selling point. The 1998 Sonata was Hyundai's first car using its own technology.

In the 1990's Hyundai's image was tarnished by the poor durability and reliability of its vehicles and sales fell. Rather than abandon the American market Hyundai chose to invest in new product designs and improvements in quality and reliability. The decision paid off as the quality, performance and overall desirability of Hyundai cars increased sharply.

The name Hyundai was chosen for its meaning which in English translates to "modern". The Hyundai logo is symbolic of the company's desire to expand. The oval shape represents the company's global expansion and the stylized "H" is symbolic of two people (the company and customer) shaking hands.

Hyundai Cortina The Hyundai/Ford Cortina, was released in cooperation with Ford Motor Company in 1968.