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Clunking Jeep

Clunking Jeep

Another example of why getting a good prepurchase inspection is a good idea, even sometimes on a fairly new vehicle. Customer had just bought this Jeep with only 1800 miles "as is" and later noticed a clunk in the front end at times. We found a damaged strut assembly from a previous minor accident. New strut and back on the road much quieter.


Explorer only wants to back up.
This Ford Explorer had a very interesting problem. It would stall whenever it was put into drive but would not in reverse, you could back up just fine, but any time you put it in a forward gear the engine would instantly die!
With some testing we found that the computer was locking the torque converter to the transmission when put into forward gear, which stalled the engine just like it would on a manual transmission if you didn't push in the clutch.
It is normal for the converter to be locked when you're cruising down the highway, but never when stopped or below 25 MPH.

A replacement Engine Control Module repaired this vehicle and it was happy to go forward down the road again.

Ford Explorer won't go forward



Why do mice and other rodents like to chew the electrical wires on your car? Mostly to sharpen their teeth, The hard material of the electrical wires are a very good surface that helps the mice control the size of their teeth. Some of the materials used in the insulation in some newer cars is also more appealing. They cause hundreds of thousands of damage to cars every year. It is not uncommon to have a car towed in for repair to find rodent damage to the wiring.


Buying a used car can be a gamble, especially if you don't get a good pre-purchase inspection. And not just one where they look under the hood and kick the tires. Here's an example of what we found on one of these inspections.

vice grip blocking brake hose

Someone had installed vice grips on this brake line and neatly zip tied them in place. Why did they do that?

Missing brake parts

Probably because they didn't want to fix the brake problem!

When we pulled off the drum there were no brake shoes or hydraulics and they just blocked off the right rear brake assembly so they wouldn't have to fix it.

Best to always get a good inspection along with a Carfax report when buying a used car.


Wayne's Garage recently purchased a new Coolant Exchange machine for more efficient Cooling System Services!




2019 has been an interesting year for Wayne's Garage, we consolidated our 2 shops and moved our equipment and staff from the South Eugene facility to our Springfield facility. We've updated a lot of equipment and made some improvements to our Springfield location.