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Honda T360 Wayne's Garage trivia

Honda's first vehicle - T360 pickup - Recent Trivia Question


Question for this week:

Q: If you bought a model T360 pickup, what make would it be?

A: The T360 pickup, introduced in June 1963, was Honda's first production automobile. It would also be very rare to see, as it was never sold in the US.


1948 Ford F-100

First F series Ford Pickup 1948 - Recent Trivia Question


Recent Questions:

Q: Who was George Selden and what huge impact did he have on the first automobiles made in the United States?

A: George Selden was a patent attorney that tried to exploit the just starting automobile industry by applying for a patent on what he hoped to be the prototype for all future automobiles, a basic road vehicle propelled by a gasoline engine. He had no interest in making cars, he just wanted to benefit from others. Under threat of suit, almost all of the manufacturers had to pay Selden a significant percentage of their profits for the right to construct a motor car. There was just one holdout, a young manufacturer named Henry Ford. In 1903 Selden sued Ford, and the lawsuit dragged on until 1911 when the New York Court of Appeals ruled the patent did not apply to the cars being built at that time.


Q: In what city were the first automobile license plates issued?

A: Paris, France in August of 1893.


Q: What hood ornament is put on official cars in which England's Queen Elizabeth II rides?

A: A silver ornament of St. George the Dragon Slayer, the patron saint of England or sometimes a single standing Lion.


Q: Jacob German, a New York cab driver was the first person to be arrested for speeding, when he was stopped in 1899 driving at the breakneck speed of 12 miles an hour. What kind of vehicle did the police officer use to chase him down?

A: A bicycle. The speed limit at the time was 8 mph between streets and 4 mph around corners


Q: The first Ford pickup was introduced in 1917; what was the model of their first truck?

A: Model TT.

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