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1949 BeetleSales of the Beetle hit one million in 1955. The first car to do so after the Model T did in 1922.
We no longer work on Volkswagens older than 2001.


A little VW History

The Volkswagen Automobile Company originally founded in 1938, also known as Volkswagen Passenger Cars, or just VW, is an automobile manufacturer based in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen means "people's car" in German.
In 1933, shortly after taking over as leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler met with Ferdinand Porsche to discuss Hitler's idea of a Volkswagen. Hitler proposed a people's car that could carry 5 people, cruise up to 62mph, return 33mpg, and cost only 1000 Reich Marks.

On 22 June 1934, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche agreed to create the "People's Car" for Hitler.
Volkswagens were first exhibited and sold in the United States in 1949, but only sold two units in America that first year.

On its entry to the U.S. market, the VW was briefly sold as a "Victory Wagon". Volkswagen of America was formed in April 1955 to standardize sales and service in the United States.

Production of the Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle increased increased rapidly over the years, reaching one million in 1955.

In 1973 the VW Beatle was the second car behind the Model T to sale one million cars in one year.

The last Volkswagen Beetle to roll off of the assembly line was July 31, 2003 in Mexico.
The "people's car" ended its 68-year run in Mexico with "Bug" No. 21,529,464.

Volkswagen thing

The "Thing": The Volkswagen Type 181 was a two-wheel drive, four-door, convertible, off-road, manufactured by Volkswagen from 1968 to 1983. Originally developed for the West German Army, the Type 181 was also sold to the public, as the Kurierwagen in West Germany, the Trekker (RHD Type 182) in the United Kingdom and the "Thing" in the United States (1973 - 74).

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