october-car-care.jpgCome in for a free Vehicle Safety Inspection
This inspection is being offered at no charge through the month of October!

What we do on a Vehicle Safety Inspection

We start out with a road test where the performance, handling and braking is assessed and operation of accessories such as speedometer, cruise control, air conditioning, heater/defroster, etc. undergo basic inspection and function analysis.

We then pressure test cooling system, inspect fluid levels and their respective levels in addition to inspecting for leakage and seepage from the engine and other components.

Charging and starting systems, belts, hoses and under hood accessories are inspected.

Tire pressure and condition is checked and operation of tail, brake, turn signal, marker and headlights are checked.

Our service adviser will then consult with you regarding the findings and answering your questions or repair concerns you may have regarding your automobile.

sickcar.jpgThis is a good inspection to get your car ready for Fall/Winter driving!

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Quick Maintenance Tips

Check Tires
Air pressure should be checked on all tires including the spare. Tread and sidewall areas should be inspected for uneven or irregular wear and tires should be replaced if worn or damaged. When tires aren't inflated properly, it's like driving with the parking brake on, and can cost a mile or two per gallon

Check all Fluid Levels
After a hot summer driving, engine oil should be changed. All vehicle fluids and lubricants should be checked regularly and changed at recommended intervals.

Check Engine Belts and Hoses
Prevent a breakdown or serious engine damage by replacing belts and hoses at recommended intervals or if they are cracking or worn.

Check Battery
Whether it's the first start up in the morning or having the reserve power to run the air conditioning and other accessories, the battery is a critical source. Drivers should have batteries tested and replaced if necessary.

Check Wiper Blades
For optimal visibility and quiet operation replace your wiper blades when they start streaking or get noisy.

Check External Lights
Good visibility - being able to see and be seen is important for safety. It's getting a lot darker out there.

Preventative Maintenance
Check your owner's manual for services due.
Performing simple and inexpensive vehicle maintenance does not only save gas, but it also improves a vehicle's safety and dependability.

A compilation of results from community car-care events performed nationally by the Car Care Council (www.carcare.org) - a consumer-focused organization that educates the driving public on the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair - found that 80 percent of vehicles inspected experienced at least one part or system failure. The recent survey revealed the following:

54 percent of cars had low tire pressure
38 percent had low or dirty engine oil
28 percent had inadequate cooling protection
19 percent needed new belts
16 percent had dirty air filters
10 percent had low or contaminated brake fluid


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